Product & Software

\\ Services


We listen to your current needs, pain points during operations and highlights when it comes to processes.

From idea to roadmap, from MVP to launch.

\\ Software

Applications and digital products

We pick high quality and industry ready technologies according to each project and team.

Both consulting on architecture & best practices and projects get done.

\\ Cloud

Solutions and services AWS

Azure and sometimes GCP our choices.

Architecture best practices and costs saving our aim.

Data storage and migrations, tasks & processes scheduling, batching and workflows.

We enjoy it.


Health Care

Privacy and data protection standards, user authentication and authorization, mass notifications and IoT data engineering ... We’ve been there.


Content & Media

Our expertise on AWS and a realm of web development knowledge have been getting applications up and running for hundreds of thousands of users. Comcast, Audible and Medio Tiempo have been part of our challenges and great experiences.



From idea & budget to converting sales. Using the best services and technologies, our clients have got solutions that scale the promotion of goods and services and inventory management for digital and brick and mortar stores. Then we help getting insights for enhancing operations and customer acquisition using their data.